I was born in the eighties, a time where mobile telecommunications and the internet were just taking off. And there I was, with my nose in a book...

From Bram Stoker's Dracula to Terry Pratchett's fantasy epics; I devoured all kinds of books, fuelling my imagination. And then, I began to dream!

I never studied creative writing or literature past secondary school. Instead I went on to college to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and then began a career in I.T. Support. Talk about indecisive! Writing was the one medium that channelled my various interests.

One morning in 2010, my brother went off to work. That evening, he never returned home. Two months later, the police knocked on the door. They’d found him, only that he'd passed away. It changed everything. It changed me as a person. I began asking some deep questions: Why do people suffer? Why are we here? So began a kind of pilgrimage. I didn't leave for the mountains or walk for miles to a shrine. This was a journey inwards.

In 2014, I set about presenting my vision of an ideal world in writing. But I wasn't intending to publish a self-help book. No, I wanted to add a level of depth that took the reader to another place, and I wanted to present the turmoil taking place in my mind. The idea to write a conversation in a fictitious setting came to me one day in the shower. The characters showed up shortly after led by an enigmatic grandmother who sees big things for all of us. A Grandmother's Gift is due to release in Jan 2018.