It was the eighties. Mobile phones and the internet were about to spring into our lives. And there I was with my nose in a book...

I guess that's where it all began. From Bram Stoker's Dracula to Terry Pratchett's fantasy epics; I devoured everything. 

And then, I began to dream!

In college, I studied the sciences and went on to a career in I.T. support. The money was great, but I felt unsatisfied.

Writing filled the void. 

I've always been fascinated by the myths and legends of ancient cultures and also how philosophy, religion and science affects our lives and wellbeing. You'll see hints of this in everything I write.


A Grandmother's Gift

There was one moment that will never leave me. One morning in 2010, my brother went off to work. He never returned home. Two months later, the police knocked on the door. They’d found him, only that he'd passed away. It changed everything. I began asking some deep questions: Why do people suffer? Why are we here? It was like a pilgrimage, only that I didn't leave for the mountains or walk for miles to a shrine. I'm learning something new everyday.

In 2014, I set about presenting my vision of an ideal world. But I didn't want to publish a self-help book. No, I wanted to add a level of depth that took the reader to another place, and I wanted to present the turmoil taking place in my mind. The idea to write a conversation in a fictitious setting came to me one day in the shower. The characters showed up shortly after led by an enigmatic grandmother. A Grandmother's Gift is due to release in 2018.



At the age of 29 I picked up a brush and applied paint to a canvas. It was a huge surprise. Now, I complete commissions around my writing.



When I feel like venting about the state of the world or simply want to post samples of my upcoming books and short stories along with reviews and updates, I find no better place than a blog. I'm not a regular blogger, but I do post something of value now and again. Click here to stop by.