Current and upcoming fiction titles


A Grandmother's Gift

Formerly titled, An Inspiring Afternoon

One afternoon, a little girl asks her grandmother a question that unlocks a lifetime of secret wisdom. Joining them is the little girl's father who, like many of us, is hiding behind his smile. 

What begins as a simple discussion grows beyond the tranquil garden to encompass each and every person on the planet. 

All things are possible, if we simply believe...

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UPDATE MARCH 2018 - A Grandmother's Gift is due for a line edit and final proofread. It should be ready for publishing in May/June 2018. Please join the mailing list at the bottom of this page to receive updates.

Road to Shiva


You know you're alive when you can't stop looking...


UPDATE MARCH 2018 - Road to Shiva is currently being drafted as a novel and a screenplay. More details to follow...

Also in the pipeline...

An Indian professor, a witch and a racist are stuck on a London Underground train. What could possibly go wrong?

There's a signal coming from the dark side of the moon. Is it really the hiding place of the fabled nectar of immortality?

An Indian graduate begins working for a secret organisation in London. But something dark is brewing underneath the capital.