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The Secrets of Eternal Youth - A simple guide to the Five Tibetan Rites


In a remote monastery in the Himalayas, a group of monks disclosed a 2,500 year old secret to a retired army officer. He was shown five simple exercises known to decrease stress, improve flexibility, increase vitality and, above all, restore the balance of the seven vortexes (Chakras) of the body thereby slowing the ageing process. In modern times, the Five Tibetan Rites (as they were later called) have gained popularity due to their simplistic, low-fuss approach which continues to be a great incentive for young and old alike. 

Included is information about the mysterious sixth rite, a powerful technique intended for only the naturally devout. Also contains additional information on correct breathing, posture, nutrition and how to remain focused whilst performing the rites.

"I was so pleased to find this book and renew my enthusiasm for The 5 Rites" - Ishtar,

"Straightforward, no frills, as life should be. I suspect this is the only health book we will ever need." - HcK,



20 Unbelievably Healthy Smoothies


Smoothies are great all year round. With obesity on the rise it’s necessary to cut down on processed foods and refined sugar. Smoothies are a great way to do this provided they are made the right way with healthy ingredients without sacrificing taste. None of the recipes in this book contain sugar, preservatives or processed foods. Instead, you’ll find 20 nutritious, sugar-free drinks, packed with vitamins and minerals, and made with simple and clean ingredients such as fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, milk and water. Also, the number of calories in each ingredient have been measured and recorded for your convenience along with their health benefits.

You’ll find recipes for:
-Increased immunity against disease
-Increased energy and hydration
-Skin and body detox
-Weight loss and weight gain
-Better sleep and rest
-Increased protein intake
-Gym and Post-workout