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After the first edition of A Grandmother's Gift (initally titled An Inspiring Afternoon) was complete, I sent out emails to several literary agenices in the UK. The verdict was unanimous: there's no market for it. So, I eventually decided to self-publish the book on Amazon.

The book met with tremendous feedback within the first month. And so, Woodland Hill Press was born; an independant publishing imprint dedicated to entertaining readers and transforming lives through the written word without being limited to any specific genre. 

I chose the name Woodland Hill because that was the name of the street where I spent my childhood; a leafy, hilly suburb just outside Central London called Upper Norwood. Much of my imagination stems from those early days spent gazing at the panoramic view of the city from an oddly arranged house where the kitchen was located under street level. It seemed apt to name the imprint after that magical place.

The first publishing venture is the A Grandmother's Gift, scheduled for release in 2018.